Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturdays are for: Baseball!!

Grant decided that this spring he wanted to play baseball again.
He played with our local city league two years ago, and seemed to like it.
But I could tell that his ADHD really got in the way of him "getting" the game.
I could tell that he was bored in the outfield, had trouble focusing at the plate, and emotionally just mirrored his teammates reactions.  I could tell he had no idea why they were "high-fiving" each other!
He would climb in the van after the game was all over and never say another word about it.
Then he got smacked in the eye with the baseball one game (at the end of the season).
That was it.
He didn't want to play anymore.
Until this spring.
Whenever we asked if he wanted to register, he said no.
Until this spring.
This spring, his friend asked him if he was playing on his team again.
Last Saturday was opening day.
We'll be at the baseball field every Saturday this month.

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