Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

2 weeks ago was my self-appointed "Personal Assistant's" 7th birthday!!

This precious child is such a gift of Grace from the Lord.
He knew I would need her.
She has such a servant's heart that neither her father nor I can take one ounce of credit for developing or nurturing.
It was programmed into her from God above.
She is such a helper; but not one that needs any instructions.
If something is lost in the house, ask Abby.  She always knows where it is.
If I'm getting ready to leave the house, Abby is making sure I have everything I need.
If I'm creating in the kitchen, Abby will be at my elbow, wanting to help.
If her younger siblings are fussing or disgruntled, Abby will entertain and help them work through the problem.
If it's time to sit quiet and do our schoolwork, Abby has her pencil and books in front of her.
If I'm cleaning a bathroom, Abby picks which fixture to clean with me and makes it sparkle.
A gift.
Not perfect....still has a few rotten spots, but precious to our family!!
Happy Birthday, Abby!!!

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1 comment:

Tori said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday Abigail!! Love you sweetheart!