Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Get a loaf of this!"

We're winding down the school year here at Brough Academy, and I wanted to be sure to fit in a couple more field trips.
We've found several great locations not far from our church in Fort Worth, TX, and if we time everything just right, we can finish up the field trip and head over to church for the Wednesday evening suppers they serve just before services begin.
Plus, every other Wednesday my husband is off work.
So, he goes along with us for extra Daddy time too!!
It works out great for us!!
Dinner is just $3.00 per person or $12.00 per family, so we can't beat that.
Plus the food is always delicious and the fellowship is delightful!!

So last Wednesday, we scheduled a field trip to our local "Mrs. Baird's Bread Factory."

 We weren't allowed to take ANY.THING. into the factory (including jackets, wedding rings, purses, cameras, cell phones, or gum!) so I have no pictures of us in the ugly hair nets and hard hats we had to wear!!
But I can tell you it was really interesting, and we enjoyed seeing the machines that mass produce store-bought bread and hamburger buns!
And you can't beat the cost:  FREE!!

As I was thinking back over our afternoon at the bread factory, a thought occurred to me:
My husband and I took our children to a place where they can learn about bread for physical nutrition,
but are we daily leading them to the source of the "Living Bread?"
Are we teaching them how to seek and find nourishment for their souls?
Is it enough to just tell them about our Savior, Jesus Christ?
Shouldn't I be teaching them how to study His Word and to find filling for that hunger to know God that each of us has deep within us?
"And Jesus said unto them,
I am the bread of life;
he that cometh to me shall never hunger..."
John 6:35

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