Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on my Type 1 Diabetic

Last Monday was Ashlyn's first quarterly check-up of 2011 with the endocrinologist.
Because of the issue we had in February with completely missing HALF her dose of Lantus every DAY for several weeks, I knew her A1C was going to be up!
And I was not incorrect in this assumption!
She has been hanging out between 7.5% and 7.8% for the last year and a half, but that day the blood test came back at 8.3%!!
Not dangerous, or out-of-control, but definitely something that needs to be addressed and watched closely.
It helps that I know the cause of the sudden rise in her blood sugar average so we can continue to make the necessary corrections.
She had also lost about a half to one full pound in the last 3 months as well as grew taller by an inch or more.
It was time for a blood draw this time too to check her thyroid levels.
I received the results a few days later:
  No change.  Looks good.  Keep taking the 37.5 mg of Levothyroxine daily.

We did receive an adjustment in the amount of Lantus as usual.  She now takes 13 units in the morning and 15 units at bedtime.

Overall, it was a great visit, and one that I left feeling so grateful that she is really healthy and not experiencing serious complications!!
I try to be ever conscious of that and not to take for granted that things could be so much worse for her.

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