Friday, February 25, 2011


Holy COW!!!
So yesterday I sat down with Ashlyn's travel meter as well as her at home blood sugar meter to get her blood glucose logs all caught up.
Needless to say, it had been since the middle of January (when we were still in the middle of the 'slough of death'
with everyone being sick) that I had recorded any of her numbers.
Fortunately the meters record all that information for you and you just have to go back on and retrieve it.
Since it had been over a month since I'd written anything down, it took awhile.
At first I was a little surprised at some of the high numbers I was seeing (like over 400 high).
Thought that maybe it was a fluke.
But by the time we jumped to February, the high numbers were becoming more consistent!!
I could feel that sick feeling in my stomach and the anxiety tightening in my shoulder blades.
Her numbers were consistently much higher than I thought they were.
That is how it ALWAYS works.
You think because she is reporting verbally, occasionally, that all her numbers must be that good.
She isn't complaining of feeling bad, AND she is going through her daily routine fully energized and happy.
More 400 and 500's than I had seen in awhile.
Plus during the week I was in bed for SIX days, there was an entire DAY where she didn't check her blood sugar AT ALL!!
Sometimes, I hate being the mom......the one who keeps the train on the track every moment of the day.
When Mama goes down....the whole world falls apart.
Come on, REALLY??
After the initial shock of all this grew on me, I had to move on to other things.
One of those things being packing Ashlyn for an overnight trip tonight and tomorrow.
She is going to be gone the entire day tomorrow, so that means making sure she has EVERYTHING with her......enough strips for her meter, enough needles for her pens, enough insulin for the day, her thyroid medication, juice boxes, clothes, permissions slips, hand written notes on how much medication she needs and when.
She can do all this by herself, but I'm tellin' ya, as the Mom, you want to physically put your eyes on everything because if the 10-year old forgets's way more than her that are affected!!
So as I was going through all these things and mentally going through the check list, it hit me!!
We've been talking about her Lantus dose being split up now since her last endo. visit in November.
Ashlyn was taking all of her long-acting insulin, Lantus, at bedtime.
But she was consistently having higher numbers at dinner and bedtime no matter how much humalog we added to her already tight ratios.
So he recommended we try splitting the dose up and doing half at bedtime and half at breakfast.
Honestly, we didn't see an enormous change in her numbers either way, but we're sticking with it.
It wasn't until we really bumped up her Lantus dose that we saw better numbers.
At last recommendation, she is now taking 12 units of Lantus at breakfast and 14 units at bedtime.
Well, over the process of time, and I don't know when this was exactly, I was always reminding her to take her bedtime dose, but forgot about the breakfast dose.
Well, so did she.
And it just hit me this afternoon!!
She must not be taking her morning dose and that's why all her afternoon numbers are through the roof!!!!
She's only been getting roughly HALF her long-acting insulin!
Have you any idea the ice that froze right down my spine when she realized it too!!
How did this happen?
WHEN did this happen??
How long has this been happening!!
I'm tellin' ya, this disease is stressful.
It's relentless.
Let your guard down, and here's what you get!
So now I'm hoping that she doesn't tank out and her blood sugar hit bottom because all of sudden she's getting TWELVE more units of insulin than she has been used to.
Especially since she's spending the night with someone else and will be away from me all DAY tomorrow.
I certainly don't mean to complain because there are so many others who have things waaaaaay worse than I do.
Today has just been one of those days when my plate has felt so full that I don't think I can manage it all!!

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