Thursday, February 17, 2011

So much going on....

Since we seem to have all recovered from the two different illnesses that swept through our house over the course of 5 weeks or so, we are now trying to get "back-on-track" with everything.  Being distracted by sick children, and then being sick myself really derailed all the nice, neat, little plans I had going on for myself for this year, as well as staying on track with homeschooling.  Last week we really focused on getting back into our regular routine of home maintenance and schoolwork, and this week we've added back in some really great church based activities that we have incorporated into our schooling!!  Now we're staring down at a big regional competition for two of our children who missed a lot of practice and preparation due to either weather related cancellations or illness.  So I spent some time this week mapping out our plan to "catch-up" in our schoolwork (if that's even really possible when you have forgetfulness and focus issues with ADHD) as well as getting these children prepared for their competitions that are coming up.
But I've had other things on my mind as well:

1.  Now that the morning temperatures are so much milder, I want to get back to my 6:30 am walking.
     I actually tried that once this week and ouch.....that left a mark....ehem!!

2.  I'm determined to get Chapter 3 of Philippians memorized this week or next, but I'm faltering.  Before
     we moved out of our Iphones (due to budgetary goals for the year), I used it as an Ipod when I went
     walking and listened to those chapters on a dramatized application!!  It was soo helpful.  I don't have
     that anymore, and now I'm faltering.

3.  I'm falling behind on charting Ashlyn's blood sugars and having a good, working knowledge of where
     her numbers are right now.

4.  Our annual birthday bash is coming up soon.....or will we try to put it off until later this ythoear?

5.  Mother's Day Banquet at church is coming up at the end of April this year, and I've been asked to give
     a "short" testimony.  Need to really start narrowing down some ideas on paper!

6.  My husband and I are excited to be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in April.  We'd like to do
     something really fun this year......just the two of us.  We have a marvelous opportunity in front of us,
     but, of course, it will be a major production to actually pull it off.  Gonna take a lot of preparation!!  Oh,
     but it would be sooo worth it!!

7.  Have had it on my mind to want to start sewing or crafting some fun things for each of my children.  So,
     they have something they can say that their Mama actually made for them.  Don't know why, just missing
     getting to do that. I used to sew for my girls when I had only 2.   Not enough space right now.  Still
     praying about a home that will better suit our needs and how we are raising our children!!

8.  Still moving through this year with my eyes wide open to all the daily grace the Lord showers down on me.
      Still learning how I've totally been missing how to make each moment slow down and to take in all He
      wants me to see of Him!!  Still learning how to share that grace, those things I've been given with those I

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