Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Funday !!

I have always felt that when it comes to educating children there is no better way for them to learn than to take them to the places you've been learning about together, and let them see with their eyes and touch with their hands and hear with their ears and smell and taste to further solidify the experience in their minds.  This is particularly effective for children living with ADHD because they have more freedom to be moving around and touching and talking and MOVING!!  These children just ITCH to move, and seat work can be an enormous challenge for them!!  So RUN, I say, RUN!!

Recently we've been studying Texas State History, and we have a plethora of wonderful, engaging, fun and educational places in our area that emphasize all the wonderful things that Texas is about!!
Did you know that Dr. Pepper was invented just down the road from us in Waco, TEXAS??
So, of course, I knew that the "Dr. Pepper Museum" in Waco was a "must see" as a field trip this semester!

I was especially delighted because since yesterday was President's Day, they had a special promotion going on for admission.  We got to choose any denomination of paper currency we wanted to pay with as long as it had a President on it.  So instead of paying $30 for all 8 of us, we only had to pay $8 TOTAL!!  WIN!!

I thought this was so interesting!!
In light of the health issues plaguing American's, I'm wondering if this is really something
to brag about??

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