Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturdays (in December) are for: Rehearsals

Every. single. Saturday in December we have at least one member of our family who has to travel the half-hour to our church for a Christmas program rehearsal.  My husband usually is working his 12-hour shift on Saturdays, so that means I get the job of loading 6 children up (or finding child care for those not involved that day) and getting them into their place.  Last Saturday though, was a little different.
Rehearsal for the two little people was at the same time as our Ladies Christmas Brunch.  My two oldest girls dressed up and came with me to enjoy some lovely fellowship, while the two rehearsed for their program which was Sunday evening, and the other two played in the nursery.  

I hear this phrase often on Sundays,
"I just don't know how you do it.
I only have two children and it's so hard getting out the door.
I just don't know how you do it."
I always tell them,
"It starts on Saturday."
I have to pick out all the clothes and lay out all the shoes and socks,
or invariably at least one person will be missing a shoe or
 have NO appropriate socks to wear on Sunday morning, and then things only slide downhill from there.
I also have to have every. single. meal planned and ready to go
because by the time we get home after morning service (remember that half-hour drive),
my children and husband have become borderline cannibalistic.
In the past, I've tried packing snacks,
but then I learned no one is hungry enough to actually eat their lunch,
AND our van is trashed with crumbs and wrappers!

So toss in outside activities, coupled with Sunday preparations,
and our Saturdays are usually very busy.
This last Saturday was no different.
Not only did I need to have our family out for the aforementioned festivities,
but I also needed to prepare for the MOST PRECIOUS baby shower EVER
on Sunday afternoon.
This sweet baby has been long prayed for
and long
His Mama very tragically lost his older brother at just 26 weeks (if I remember correctly)
gestation just about two years ago,
so they are so anxious for his safe arrival.
Lots of tears.
Sheer joy!

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