Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturdays are for: Preparing

Our little guy has recently become obsessed with looking at, handling, adjusting,
and matching up what few pieces of true "church clothes" that he has.
It was becoming something he did everyday of the week until I started just sort of hiding this shirt and tie until Saturday when we would hang it up in preparation for Sunday morning.
Our sweet youth pastor's wife took these shots of him when they were here
on a Monday evening a couple weeks ago.

This afternoon, we put together nearly 20 gifts for all our Sunday School teachers and church staff.
If you want to know what's inside.....look here and here.

The girls also bagged up the little goodies they made for their friends too.
We'll be giving out over 30 bags tomorrow!!

Finally tonight, I'm hoping to get some pretty curls in my "personal assistant's" hair tomorrow morning.
Her hair is pin straight and whispy and super prone to static,
so I wrapped her hair in socks.
I'm hoping these curls will actually take.

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