Friday, December 3, 2010

Been busy!!

Since Thanksgiving the time seems to have sped up and I can hardly sit down to do anything, much less journal out our days or a few thoughts here and there.
These special holidays are always so much fun and full of meaning,
but I almost dread how busy we become with activities to attend,
sights to see,
treats to be baked and prepared,
the lovely sounds to be heard,
the driving here and there,
the laundry that still accumulates,
the schooling that needs to be planned and purposefully DONE,
the groceries that still need to be shopped for and stored,
the packages that must be sent,
the library books that need returning,
the carbs that must be counted and medicated for.
It can all get overwhelming.
It's seems the antithesis of what we're even celebrating.

The quiet, and peaceful stillness of a newborn.

So we've been spending our last few days creating some serene, peaceful spaces filled
with the beauty that is Christmas.
We've been "decking" our halls......

......and turning the lights down low in the evening.

We've pulled out all the glorious music that fills our home with the stories of the birth of Christ
 that fill us with the wonder of the Divine King of Glory coming to earth in bodily form as a tiny baby.
We light fragrant candles that add wonderful aroma to the rooms and remind us that everything
we do should be as a fragrance ascending to the Holy One.  
We're preparing our gifts to give to those who have meant so much to us this year
 (and some for many, many years).
Children need to learn how to give of themselves,
and how to give from their heart.
So we spend many hours making little gifts that don't cost us much monetarily,
but require a sacrifice of our time and the use of our God-given creativity.
Here's a sneak peek:

Most of our children are ministering to others and serving the Lord through 
the special presentations of the choirs they participate in at our church.

We've also been spending time together enjoying the sights and sounds of this season.
Tonight was the annual Christmas parade in our little town.

What does your family do every year to build fun memories together and to teach your children
what Christmas is really about?

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