Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturdays are for: Visiting with precious friends!!

This precious couple has been friends of our family for years.
When I think back over the years of knowing them,
 what has always stood out about them is their love for children.
They have been foster parents, he has been a history teacher in tough public high schools,
and she was always my "craft lady" for Vacation Bible School.
Their generosity to our family alone is incredible.
They have blessed us over and over.
The sweet boy between them is the son of one of their adopted daughters.
They are now raising him.
Today, we helped them celebrate his 4th year of life.
And what a celebration it was!!
We all went hoping to be a blessing to them, to play with this little guy, to delight him with a gift,
and express our admiration to them for the daunting task they have so willingly taken upon themselves.

But guess who ended up being blessed the most?

 Of course, it was us!!
Again, their generosity to us was very humbling, and my children
were very touched that THEY were the ones who came away with gifts and so much love.

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