Monday, November 8, 2010

"Monday" Funday!!!

Mondays are the Brough Family's day off.
But, just because we call it "Monday Funday,"
and just because that is the day of the week in our schedule to do fun things,
doesn't mean that we can ALWAYS do something really amazing.
This last Monday was such a day.
Because I know that my husband has that day off, and we generally don't do formal school work that day,
I also use that day for doctor's appointments.
Such was this last Monday.
I took 5 of our children to their bi-annual dentist visit as well as having a cleaning done on myself.
We always enjoy going to our dentist.
She's such a hoot!
She is your classic Texas baseball loving, mexican food craving, pink wearing tiny Southern lady!!
And she has the whitest, brightest smile to boot!!

because we were at the dentist all afternoon, we didn't get to go on a field trip that day.
we went on Wednesday.
We just completed our unit study on the Civil War,
so of course we took the children to the "Civil War Museum".

Can I just say.....amazing!!!

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