Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Classic Conversations"

Do you have conversations like these with your children?
Here is just a taste of the confabulations at my house.....

Garrett (who is 4 1/2):  Mom, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes. Daddy is my boyfriend (said with much gushing)!
Garrett:  I'm your boyfriend too, and so is Grant.  You have 3 boyfriends, Mom.

Abby (who is 6):  Uh...Mom!!  Why did Garrett get both an ice cream cone AND a slushie?
(Asked of me at Sonic the other day, after some confusion on Garrett's part as to what he wanted for his treat.
He had originally asked for a slushie, but upon seeing everyone else's ice cream decided he wanted ice cream.  So I got him an ice cream with the intention of the his slushie going home with us. But after eating the ice cream, he then was chugging down the slushie before I realized he had it; and, of course, Abby witnessed all this with a completely different interpretation.)
Me (knowing what she was unintentionally implying):  Because Garrett is my favorite!!

My husband has been gone all week to a work related conference in another big city 5 hours away.
The second night he was gone, Ashlyn (who is 10 1/2) asked me where her daddy was sleeping.  
"Is he just staying up at the Hilton Garden Inn?"
(This hotel is just 5 minutes from our home and 3 in minutes from his employment.
Apparently, she thought that his week long conference was at his place of employment,
and that instead of just driving home, stopped in at the most convenient place to stay for the night!!!)
Me:  No, Ashlyn.....he's in San Antonio.
Ashlyn:  He's in SAN ANTONIO????

Abby: Mommy, how long til Christmas? 

Me: Um, I think like 8 weeks or so.

 Abby: I think 2 (weeks).

I was sitting in the front room of the house enjoying the quiet, when I hear from the other room
where all 6 children and Daddy are:


Me:  "What is it?" 

 Lexi:  "A piece of carrot from the salad......way up in Aryn's nose!! Daddy had to dig it out with tweezers!"


Tori said...

These are all. hilarious! But the carrot? Does that girl put everything up her nose?

Brenda said...

Actually, that was the first and hopefully only time she puts something up her nose. She is way more predisposed to sneakily snipping at her hair with scissors!!! Ashlyn was the same way!! I don't think her hair was EVER even until she was like TEN!!! Aryn also receives the award for "Most likely to cover herself in graffiti with markers!"