Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturdays are for: Celebrating a rich, full marriage

Fifty years!

Garrett was very serious about his cake eating.  I think this was his second piece.

The happy couple's grandson, who is 14, picked Garrett up and put his hat on Garrett.
He was delighted!

When I asked Mr. Hank the secret to achieving 50 years of marriage, his response was this:
"We put up with a lot of [junk] from each other, but we never even thought of splitting up."

A wise choice.
Never allow divorce to be the trump card in your back pocket.
It should never be an option.
Then, you HAVE to figure out how to work things out.

And this lady is a testimony to women everywhere who have prayed for decades
for a husband who has chosen not to receive Christ as his Savior, nor to attend church together,
yet remains faithful and loving to her man.

Wonderful times!!

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