Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Fundays!!!

This last Monday we took a little trip that has become an annual family fall tradition and one that my children look forward to EVERY year. 
 Even though Lexi is now a teenager, she still enjoys this.
My husband and I enjoy it too.  
And the best part.....besides being in a fun, relaxing atmosphere with the whole that it is all free!!  What could be better???

Here are the first pictures of our youngest who refused to enjoy herself or even smile at the beginning of our day!!

Isn't this just pure joy!!

We kept losing Garrett and finding him here.

Still no smiling!!

Now, of course, by lunchtime, we are happy and smiling,
because we just.......peed our pants!!
Completely. Soaked. 
And, of course, I had brought no extra clothes for her.

 But that obviously did not bother her, and she was completely thrilled with the rest of the day!!

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