Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Fundays!!!

This last week we actually had to do our "Monday Funday" activity on Wednesday.
But that's one of the perks of Home Education.
You have that flexibility to adjust your schedule.
So we wanted to attend the State Fair of Texas.
I don't know if you've heard about it or not, but it's a pretty BIG deal down here.
But to be able to afford it with a family of 8 is hard to pull off.
You can easily bleed out several HUNDRED dollars in just a day there, and well,
that's just not doable for us.

So here's how we enjoyed a day at the fair for less than 50 BUCKS!!
First, after a little research, I discovered that on Wednesdays it's "Canned Food Drive" day.
Bring 3 cans of food per person and get in for only $2 per person.
Since Aryn is under 3 she was free anyway.
That was $14 for admission for 7 people.
Regular admission is $15 for everyone over 48" tall.
That means we would've had to pay $15 for 3 children and 2 adults.
It's $11 for our two younger ones.
Do the math.
We saved $83 on the price of admission alone.

My husband did want to pay the $15 parking fee because he's tired of paying $5 to park in the drug dealers backyard and then walking 2 miles through tricky traffic with cases of canned goods and six children.

We took our meals and snacks with us.
We always let them choose a fair treat,
but this year my husband spent $9 for two bags of cotton candy,
and used the rest of the food tickets for drinks and snacks to share.

Finally, we discussed with our children long beforehand that we wouldn't be able to do any rides or games this year.  We've done them in the past, and we let them know that we would do them again another year.
We asked them not to complain or whine about that, and I made sure our schedule was packed
with fun things to see and do so they wouldn't feel like they were missing out.

We arrived in time for the 11:00 am dog stunt show, and were hot, tired, and ready to go home by 3:00 pm.
In the past, we stayed until after dark for the lighted parade, but this year, we were just worn
out and wanted to beat the traffic out of down town.

So, here's the rundown:

Admission:  $14
Parking: $15
Food/Ride Tickets: $20
Total:  $49

And we had a blast!!
Abby ate more cotton candy than anyone else.  It was her favorite!!

Dog Show:  Free!!

Diving Show:  FREE!!

Beautiful day for a picnic lunch!!

We checked out the Lego creations in the "Creative Arts" building that received a ribbon to get ideas for next year's contest!!!

BMX Bike Stunt Show:  FREE!!

Our zoo membership got us free admission into the newly remodeled "Children's Aquarium"
which is also located on the fair grounds.
The children loved getting to touch the sting rays and to see all the beautiful new aquatic displays.
We saved $40 in admission with our membership!!

Doing fun things with a large family can be challenging when on a budget.
But with a little ingenuity and creativity,
it CAN happen and it CAN be fun!!


Anonymous said...

My son is on day 3 of 1 mg intuniv hes 4. the first day was terrible. Headaches and vomiting so uncoordinated and drowsy it scared me. Day two was slightly better but still loopy and no coordination. Day three drowsy, took a 2 hr nap at day care and went to bed early. My husband is so skeptical and wants to stop the medication but I so desperately want to give it a chance. Wonder if I can cut the pill in half? Not sure if this is working for him. Very sad and frustrated

Brenda said...

Dear Anonymous,
Please, please do not hesitate to call your son's
doctor first thing in the morning to get his/her opinion
on your son's reaction to this medication!! I'm not
aware that the symptoms you describe are typical. My son
was simply sleepier but had no disorientation or vomiting.
Your doctor should know about this. I also would not cut the pill in half as I believe it's time-released and that would affect how it works. It usually takes several days for their bodies to adjust, so if your doctor is okay with what you're describing, I would encourage you to give it more time. But definitely listen to your instincts about this and call for the doctor's opinion. I would be so interested in hearing what he/she says! Would you keep me posted on your son's progress?