Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Fundays!!!

Last Monday we had our original plans for the day change on us, but everything turned out even better than we could have planned.  We have some very dear friends who are in the process of raising support to head to the country of Peru as missionaries.  They just happened to be in Texas last weekend, and wanted to get together with us.  This lovely couple worked together with us as summer camp counselors before they and we were married, and they were even in our wedding.  It has been so much fun watching their family grow and how the Lord has guided them into different ministries.  Now they are praying and working towards moving to the country of Peru in January 2011 to begin language training before they can begin working in the mountains with village people and planting new churches there.  Please pray for them as they still don't have all their support yet and have many miles to travel before they get home (to Michigan) to conclude their packing and moving preparations!!!

A little football with the Dads!

Abby and the twins.

Please pray for the Harris Family!!

 Fun at the park!!

After playing at the park, my husband gave both families a tour of the police station.

Our fun evening concluded with fingerprinting all the children!!!
They were all excited to compare their "swirls and lines!"

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Tori said...

This is too cool for school! Praying for the Harris' :)