Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wild creativity with ADHD

Several weeks ago, the idea struck me that it might be fun if we figured out how to go about entering some of Lexi's art projects in the State Fair of Texas.  
Just for fun, 
just to see what would happen.
Don't know if you've heard, but the fair is a pretty big deal down here in the great state of Texas.
So big, in fact, that Oprah herself
came to visit back in 2009.
Like she's the Queen of Sheba, or something.
(We made sure to stay AWAY from the fair that day
since it was crazy packed out!!)

Anyway, Lexi loved the idea
so we pursued it.
We got it all registered and taken to the fairgrounds for judging,
and have been WAITING anxiously since the end of July for the results!!

today they came,
in the mail.

She got TENTH place!!

I am so enormously proud of her.
Her first ever entry,
at 12 (almost 13) years old,
and she finishes in the top 10!!!
She amazes me everyday!!

Here is a picture of the piece she entered.
Sorry it's not a great picture.....
I'm not the artist....
she is!!


Anonymous said...


SO glad to have found your blog!! We are a Christian, homeschooling, large family (8 kiddos...some birthed, some adopted)...we homeschool and most of our kids have special needs of one sort or another.

Our 15 year old son just started on Intuniv...I am holding my breath and am praying for positive results. We had a good run of about 6 days and then today came. Scarry.

I'd LOVE to chat with you sometime! My blog is I'd love for you to e-mail me sometime too!


Brenda said...

Hi Christina!!!

So, so glad to meet you!! I'll definitely be checking out your blog!!
Thanks for stopping by and for introducing yourself!!!