Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The quarterly review

Part of the life of the Type 1 Diabetic is the quarterly visits to the endocrinologist.
Yesterday was our third visit this year.
I have to admit that I was more apprehensive this time than in the past.
I'm not exactly sure why.
Ashlyn has had pretty good blood sugar numbers this summer,
and she has been really busy and really active.
The last time we saw the doctor he said that he wanted us 
"to start thinking about the pump."
My initial thought was this:
"The PUMP??  WHY?  She hasn't even been at this for 2 years yet 
and she's only 10!!  Do we seriously NEED to do this?"

I guess most people really love their insulin pumps.
I just don't think we would.
Except for mealtimes,
Ashlyn doesn't even have to think about this disease.
I don't think that I would want to have this mini-computer connected to my
waist with a needle ALL the time.
I think it would be a CONSTANT reminder that you are living with this potentially fatal condition.
What if the needle gets yanked out while she's jumping on the trampoline?
How do you swim or randomly play in the water hose? 
I've heard of tubing that gets crimped or pulled out and then you are without insulin at all.
I've heard of entrance sites for the needles that get infected and sore.
I've heard of pumps cracking, and breaking, and then having to go through
the hassle of getting on the phone and wrestling with insurance to get another one sent to you
the next day!!
I just don't think we're ready for all that.
We've barely got a handle on all the figuring and variances in routines and foods
and how that affects Ashlyn's blood sugar now.
I'm not sure I'm ready to have to take more education classes 
and figure out all the numbers and figures that make the pump run properly.

In the last couple weeks Ashlyn's blood sugars have been all over the map
from really high to really low.
I think my fear was that if her A1C was up quite a bit from our last visit in May,
that the doctor would force the issue and pressure us to go the pump route.

But thankfully that was not the case.
Her A1C this time was 7.8%
In February her A1C was 7.6%,
and in May it was 7.7%.

The target range is between 7% and 8%,
so she's doing fine.
But it doesn't go by me that she is slowly inching her way up.
The nurse practitioner (we see the NP every other visit) did mention
that they see a lot of blood sugar swings in the summer time because people
are all over the place and they are eating differently
so that tends to throw things off for a time.
It was hard to keep track of every morsel Ashlyn put into her mouth this summer,
especially when she was at VBS every morning where they serve
some novel snack.

So, now that we're nearing the end of the summer schedule,
I do anticipate that we'll get a better handle on her blood sugar ranges
as we settle into a more consistent routine.

After our visit, Ashlyn and I took a couple minutes to look at this amazing model car
display that was set up on the ground floor of the medical facility.
We hoped it made her daddy jealous that he didn't take her himself this time!!

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