Monday, August 23, 2010

How does this HAPPEN??

How do you go from this.... THIS

in just the blink of an eye??

I've heard for YEARS that your children grow up so fast.
That you should enjoy them while they are little because they'll be gone before you know it.
I have to be honest and admit 
I didn't believe it.
But low and behold, our oldest turns 13 today
 and it's a bit surreal for me.
I remember when I was 13.
How can my own daughter now be 13?

But I'm excited.
Excited about all she is learning about herself and the world around her.
Excited about how this girl just oozes creativity and discovering things.
Excited to start letting her have a little more responsibility at little at a time.
Excited about watching her discover what the Lord has in mind for her life
and for the gifts and talents He has woven into her.


Nicole said...

Wow I finally am able to leave a comment on your blog. For some reason every time I tried it would not let me in the past. Today is my lucky day!!

Well we have 3 things in common now

6 kids
and our oldest is 13 too

Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!!

and I have been waiting to tell you I love your header of your blog what a beautiful family you have!!

Tori said...

oh, Brenda. What a sweet post. Love this. Tyler just said, "Man, the day Will turns 13 will be an interesting day; I will probably jump off of a cliff." HAH!
Love Lexi so much. Hope to help her as she matures into a lovely young lady serving our Lord!

Brenda said...

Nicole: I'm so pleased you kept trying to comment. I realized that after nearly 5 months of not a single comment there might possibly be a problem with my comment set-up. Sure enough. So I guess I fixed it, and I'm glad to hear from you!! Thank you for your lovely compliment!!

Tori: We (her dad and I) couldn't be more pleased that she gets you and Tyler to help her!!! Love you guys!!!