Saturday, July 17, 2010


While Ashlyn was at camp,
she had a bit of a struggle keeping her blood sugar levels in normal ranges.
Last year was her first year to go to camp with Type 1 Diabetes.
She had been diagnosed just 5 months earlier, so she was still
in that honeymoon period where she didn't have as many up's and down's in 
her blood sugar levels.
Our goal is to see her blood sugar level between 80 and 150.
Normally, we are in the 100's to 200's.
The camp nurse was excellent about keeping juice boxes close at hand,
and keeping her carbed up at swim time and during game times.

So after she got home, I think her body was in a bit of a rebound from all the exercise
she was doing during camp.
A couple days after getting home, she came to me complaining of being hungry.
That is always a red flag for us that she's probably low.
I told her to go check her blood sugar.

So.....this is what she got......


How on earth this child was still up walking around and talking clearly, I'll never know!!
I was under the impression that when your blood sugar hits levels like this, you're supposed to pass out
or start seizing or something.

Anyway, that was a first for us to see her number THAT low!!!
She drank a juice box, got something to eat,
and laid down in front of the fan.
Before long, she was back up and at 'em!!

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