Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did you know?

"Learning differences are the leading cause of

I saw this on an ad for a school here in our area that caters to children with "learning differences."
I LOVE it!!
Gives a whole new way of thinking to those children with ADHD, autism, dyslexia and the like.

Here's more of the ad:

"Is your child at risk? 
 Extraordinary minds can be hidden in ordinary classrooms.  We're ready to unveil the
of your child!"

I just might use that as the motto of our homeschool!!!

I shared all that with you as an introduction to what my oldest daughter spent last week doing.
She just OOZES arts and crafts.  
She has ADHD (a common learning difference).....high on the AD and low on the H.
There isn't a DAY that goes by that she doesn't make something.
And it always involves a mess of some kind which she rarely cleans up without being reminded.
So when I learned about "art camp", I just knew we needed her do this.

Here'a a peek at some of the art mediums she was able to get her hands on with an instructor.....
and the mess stayed there (YAY for me!!)



Tile and glass

Tile and glass

I don't have pictures of the painting projects she was able to experiment with, but they included
a wooden box,
a book bag,
an abstract painting on canvas.

She also tried a self portrait with colored pencils, learned how to cut glass, made a necklace, and made some chalk drawings.  

It was awesome for her to get to try so many different things that she doesn't usually have access to.
We'll definitely be doing this again next year!!!

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