Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The schedule for a birthday bonanza

Birthday Bonanza Luau Program 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Upon arrival: Bounce House

Snack Shak

Craft Table (For 5 and under)

6: 30 pm – Coconut Stampede (Be the last to get your balloon popped)

7: 00 pm - Limbo Game

7: 30 pm – Eat

7:45 pm – Cakes and ice cream

8:00 pm - Presents at individual tables

8:15 pm – Pass the coconut (Pass it till the music stops)

8: 30pm – Piñata’s (One for 3-6 years old)

( one for 7- 12 years old)

8: 45 pm – Thank you’s

(We couldn't have done all this without the wonderful help of so many of the parents who either volunteered or were willing to do what was needed if we asked!!! Thank you so much!)

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Bell said...

Wow. I think you did a GREAT job on this. I am sure your kids loved it and will remember it. How special too for them to share it--I like things that draw a family together rather than splitting them up. Good job Brenda!!!