Thursday, April 22, 2010

The cost of a birthday bonanza

One of the reasons we love the birthday bonanza is because it significantly reduces our annual expenses for birthday celebrations. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it could easily cost $100+ per child's birthday party if you include party favors, decorations, food, a gift, and any fun options you may want to include whether it's a fun venue or a rental of some sort. So on top of reducing a ton of stress for us in planning 6 individual celebrations within several months time, we can cut the costs by doing things a little bigger all at once!!

Here's the general breakdown:

Games: $10.16
** This was for 3 group games.

Decorations: $7.00
** I was able to keep this so low because we were able to borrow most
of our decorations.

Food: $119.54

"Snack Shak" items:
Dried Fruit Mix
"Volcano Punch"
Hawaiian and Pepperoni Pizza
Fruit Kabobs of strawberries and pineapple
Ice Cream

Cupcakes: $36.20
10 dozen

Bounce House Rental: $106.19

Piñatas: 2/$30
Candy: $27.91 ($0.71/child)

Favors: $ 1.18 per child
Leis: $0.17/person - $8.68
A cupcake - Counted above ($0.30/person)
Candy from pinata - Counted above ($0.71/child)

Total Cost for Birthday Bonanza for 39 children + 10 adults:

**That's roughly $6.91 per person.
**Or you could break it down to $57.61 per birthday party for each of our 6 children!!

** Next year we plan to cut costs even more by making our own piñatas!!

(I did not include the costs of some of the serving items such as spoons, cups, and napkins because we bought in bulk to have leftovers as well as used some things from last year.)

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