Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air!!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like........Spr-ing,
everywhere you go!!
Okay, corny, I know, but indulge me!!
Here are a few reasons why I can tell that spring is just around the corner in our neck of the woods:

~ We're beginning to receive bags of clothes from dear friends who are cleaning out their children's closets in preparation for warmer weather.

~ This past Wednesday was the start of our city's regular once-a-month testing of the tornado sirens.

~ Fresh asparagus and strawberries are showing back up in the produce sections at much better prices.

~ We're wearing short sleeves and flip flops more regularly now, and less of the winter
shoes and socks and heavy coats.

~ Itchy eyes in spite of adding even more allergy medication to the daily regimen.

~ The many of them!!

The Robin

The robin is the one
That interrupts the morn
With hurried, few, espress reports
When March is scarcely on.

The robin is the one
That overflows the noon
With her cherubic quantity,
And April but begun.

The robin is the one
That speechless from her nest
Submits that home and certainty
And sanctity are best.

~ Emily Dickinson

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