Wednesday, March 3, 2010

News from the front lines

My dear sweet husband decided that this year we could use a little of our income tax refund for something fun for the whole family. My children and my husband have an INSATIABLE
appetite for games of any kind, whether it be board games, card games, outdoor sports, or computer games. Some of my children act as if they don't play some kind of game at least once every day that they will literally go into cardiac arrest on the spot. I don't care either way. It makes no difference to me whatsoever if I'm aware that a new game is available or that I play a game.
Ambivalent is a great word to describe my feelings about games.
That really makes me no fun.
But whip out some chocolate chips, a great kitchen aide mixer, and a fun recipe and I'm there!!

Anyway, my husband goes on a mission to find a great gaming system for our family. He does all the research, polls all his friends, and decides the best fit for us would be a Wii. Unfortunately, EVERYONE feels the same way about this system and Nintendo obviously can't keep up with the demand, so he couldn't find one.
Believe me, he went EVERYWHERE!!

So he went with his second choice, the XBox Live.

You should've seen the excitement in my house when he walked through the door with this.
He spent the rest of Monday evening getting this all set-up and learning how to use this, and then threw me under the bus on Tuesday. He goes off to work and I'm left with 4 game-starved children who acted like they had never eaten nor would they ever eat again in their lives.

My son was OFF-THE-CHARTS high-strung.
By the end of the day, I was ready for the thing to go back to the store.
It's not worth the grief and emotional havoc it wreaked on my son.
It was like he hadn't even taken his medication, INTUNIV.

Which further confirmed in my mind that I can't expect (which I honestly did not) one pill to be the answer to all his issues. It's going to take more work on our part as a family to adjust our routines, and our attitudes and reactions, as well as eliminate those triggers for him. Obviously, letting him play endless hours of XBox (even if he's learning a new game) is NOT going to be conducive to a quiet and calm mind for him. We are going to have to figure out a very strict schedule for him (which will include everyone in the family because if one is playing you can be sure he will be watching and "coaching"). Today, we have banned anyone from the Xbox until later in the day when we have everything finished in the way of schoolwork, as well as limited time because we have church services to go to tonight. My son is much quieter and calmer.......(huge sigh of relief here.)

On another note, I did get a call from my endocrinologist yesterday evening with the results from all my tests he ran last Wednesday. He just confirmed what my oldest daughter already knows about me.
I'm normal.
Just plain Jane NORMAL.
Thyroid levels are back in normal ranges.
Blood platelet levels back in normal ranges.
Antibody levels pointing to Hashimoto's Disease were negative (normal ranges).
Biopsy was negative for cancer.
I guess it's good to be boring.....just normal.

But we are going to up my dosage of the levothyroxine to 75 mg. to see if that helps with how cold I've felt here lately. But of course, now the outdoor temperatures will be getting warmer the farther we get into March, so that will help too!! I guess I won't be moving to Hawaii after all.

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