Friday, March 12, 2010

My Bargain(s) of the Day!!!

Friday is always my shopping day. My shopping has evolved over the last several years into a one-day extravaganza of swooping through my 3 most economical stores in as little time as possible. I like to refer to it as.....

"Speed Shopping!"

It saves me time, saves me lots of money in the long run, and frees up every other day of the week
for things we need to do as a family!!
I don't have to maneuver around the crowds that always fill the stores on Saturday, the shelves are stocked for the weekend rush, and in some cases the sales have already started on Friday.
As a bonus, my Saturdays are free for the birthday parties, church activities, sporting events, and other things that invariably only happen on Saturday.
I don't have to try to fit in going to the grocery store as well as travel to whatever event it is,
and then get home and get everyone bathed for church the next day, and all
the clothes laid out for the Sunday morning rush.
So, I've fine tuned my shopping lists to fit a one-day trip!!

Last night, I had to run into Kroger to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.
While I was there I decided to peek in on their clearance displays.
The last two weeks I've had to run in for something I usually never have to get,
and found some great bargains on the marked down Valentine Candy.
Last night was no exception either.
Look what I found.....

These treats will go into my "prize box" for those times when I get all the children
together to do some team house cleaning. These are terrific incentives, and I get my
bathrooms cleaned for pennies!!
The bag of sweethearts cost me $1.12,
and each heart box of chocolate cost me $0.50!!

Last week I found these to put in my prize box and they cost me
$0.40!! I bought two of them.

THEN, I went on to Wal-Mart.
My local Wal-Mart is completely remodeling so they have moved everything around,
and put TONS of stuff on clearance.
Look what I found there:

With as much as my children like to do crafts, these were a super bargain for me.
I think you can see that I paid $2.00 for the puffy paints that were normally $6.97!!
I will use them for fun projects like those found here and here.

This spring garland was a steal at $2.00!

I thought it would brighten up our school/dining area and bring a little spring inside!!!
(I know it's tacky silk, but hey, for 2 bucks, I'll make it work!!)

I think it is so important to try to do the BEST I know how to do, with the money we
have budgeted, and to stretch my dollars to meet the needs of my family.
The Bible calls it "stewardship", and I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my own (stewardship).
One way that I believe you can do that is to keep an eye out for things you can actually use
that have had their prices slashed!!!
I like to call them "My Bargain of the Day!!!""

Tell me about the BEST bargain you ever found!!!

P.S. We have another birthday coming up this week. You'll have to guess who it is,
but I've referred to this little person before as my "personal assistant."
Stay tuned for how we make a BIG DEAL of our little family's birthdays on a shoestring budget!!

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