Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Fun!!

This past week really was quite magical because we had record breaking snow fall in our area.
Folks who have lived in Texas all their lives told me they had never seen that much snow.....especially in a 24-hour period.
Pictures of that are coming this week!!
But because we were essentially "snowed in", I couldn't get out to the store and pick up
a lot of things for Valentine's Day.
But I was able to pull together some things I had in storage from last year's clearance sales, to have a really fun impromptu Valentine's Party for my family.
My husband took the children out for a few minutes and drove them around to see
some of the snow damage while I put all the decorations out!!
Take a peek.....


Amber said...

Looks GREAT!!!! Where did you find that big cupcake holder? I got one at walmart but it only holds 13 and I have been looking for a larger one....

Brenda said...

I actually got the 23 cupcake holder at Michael's. I know they have them at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's too. If I remember right there is a ginormous one that holds something like 30+ cupcakes, and I saw that one at Every Season on Wheatland Rd.