Monday, February 1, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 7

I do have to say, that even though we are still only on the lowest dosage of INTUNIV (1 mg.), our weekend was MUCH less emotional and angry!! I did not get any comments yesterday at church on his behavior (either good or bad), but I did talk with some friends and in telling them about what we're trying with Grant, they did notice that he was sitting quietly by me and playing with something in his hands rather than scooting around in the chair or just running through the room.

He was also easier to get engaged in something constructive rather than being frustrated about Sunday afternoon boredom. He was less edgy and explosive. Overall, it was a pleasant weekend.

I have also noticed that, as a family, we are going to have to be more aware of our responses to Grant now, and be willing to adjust our attitudes as he is adjusting also. For so many years now, he has habitually responded angrily or argumentative when being corrected or even teased by his siblings. Now that he is becoming more calm, I want to focus on training him how to recognize when he is becoming frustrated or upset and how to constructively handle those situations rather than just immediately popping off. In correlation to that, his siblings and his parents are going to have to learn how to be less defensive and not as quick to respond harshly to him.

That's where the grace comes in.

Tomorrow morning we start on the 2 mg. dose for the next 7 days. Already looking forward to some great moments with my son!!

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