Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 11

So we still aren't seeing huge benefits yet from this new medication called Intuniv. We're about 3 days from running out, so I called our doctor's nurse, per her instructions when we were there a couple weeks ago, and gave her the update. She asked me if he was getting worse, and I could honestly say that he is NOT worse. He still has his emotional melt-downs and disrespectful responses when corrected and impulsive reactions to his siblings irritations, but it has been softened somewhat. When I told the nurse all that, her response was, "Well, then he needs a higher dosage, I'm sure." We are to finish out the remaining 2 mg. tablets that we have and if we notice a dramatic change for the better, we are to call her back on Monday because the doctor would probably want to keep him at the 2 mg. If we don't note much of a change, we are to move on to the 3 mg. pills. She did encourage me to continue to be patient as this medication takes a while to get established in his system, and they say the wait is worth it. (I hope so!!!)
She did ask me to call my pharmacy tomorrow though and make sure they have Intuniv in stock, and if not to ask them to ORDER IT!! Apparently that has been a problem in some places. Doctors prescribe it, but the pharmacy doesn't have it?? How crazy is that?
Anyway, that is the update from the frontlines!! I certainly had a lovely day yesterday, and hope you have as equally as lovely a weekend.

P.S. This Bible verse has been trickling through my mind here lately. Most likely because of the milestone birthday I celebrated this week!!!

"So teach us to number our days,
that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."
Psalm 90:12

I reminded my husband that in just 5 years we will be looking at our oldest daughter about to turn 18 years old. 18!!! That's not very long. I don't have much time left with her to model Christ's compassion and grace and love, and to teach her His values for young women and His design for her as a lady!!! I better go get busy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda. Your blog is compelling. We had my son on Focalin all summer and he did so nicely on it, until school started and he started itching his face all day. We took him off and it stopped. So, now we are trying a nonstimulant, Intuniv. I really hope we see some nice results. My son sounds so similar to yours. He gets frustrated and talks with an angry tone the majority of the day. It breaks my heart. He's having a tough time sitting still in school and I'm going to meet with his teacher soon to talk about his Kindergarten transition.
Anyhow, please pray that it works for us. So happy to hear Grant is having some nice results. God Bless you and your family and thanks for the informative blog.

Kim Robinson said...

My son is on Day 8 of Invuniv and he's having horrible stomach pains. I mean horrible. I came across this blog by accident while researching and wanted to say that though I've just read a few posts, I'm moved by you and your family and it's giving me hope that we can find the right medicine. I'm looking forward to reading more (and praying it continues to go well ;)).

Kim Robinson