Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This past Thursday and Friday we received 12.5 inches of snow in less than a 24-hour period.
It was magical.
For north Texas, it was crazy.

Many of my neighbors have lived here their entire lives, and had never seen that much snow at one time. They literally didn't have the experience to know how to deal with all of it.
I took several walks around the neighborhood during that time, and it was really interesting to watch how everyone's attitude evolved during that time.
At first, it was wonder and excitement. It was unusual to see snow AT ALL, much less watch it accumulate on the ground. The children were in and out ALL day making snowmen and having snow ball fights. The hot chocolate was flowing freely!!

This was the tree in our front yard on Thursday morning.

This is our driveway and van on Thursday morning.

This is our neighbor's tree on Thursday morning.

Ashlyn's snowman on Thursday.

By evening time on Thursday night, the excitement turned to concern and even mild fear. Since that morning, we had received probably another 7 inches of snow, with more to come through the night. There was talk about roofs collapsing. The power on our entire street started flashing on and off. As folks were arriving home from work, they were sliding around and getting stuck trying to get into their driveways. Most were trying to shovel with measly GARDEN shovels.
By bedtime, we had no power. We bundled up the children in clothes and let them sleep together on the sofa bed to keep warm.

On Friday morning, the power was back on, miraculously. Nobody could move though. There has never been snow like this before, so the cities don't invest in snow plows or salt for the roads. We are literally snowed in!!

The same tree in our front yard on Friday morning.
Did you notice Ashlyn's snowman there at the bottom of the picture on the left?

Our van in the driveway on Friday morning.

This is our neighbor's tree partially laying in our driveway on Friday morning.

I heard something unusual outside on Friday morning, and when I looked out the window I saw someone trying to help get the roads cleared off. He went up and down one time and I never saw him again. See his dog following behind him?

Trees were down all over the place, and this was at the end of our street.
This tree had fallen from someone's yard over the street sign into the street.

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