Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Here is a picture of my lovely, wildly creative, recklessly giving,
high energy 12-year old delight of a daughter, Alexis.
If she could've had any amount of money, she would've gone shopping and bought me
some lavish thoughtful gift. She's just that way. It's God-given, that nature, that spirit.
So because she couldn't do THAT, she thought of something else she could do.
She wanted to design a special cake for me.

This is what she came up with....

....and I love it!!!!


Alice said...

Happy Birthday Brenda. I've been finding your blog a real encouragement so thank you! Hope you have a great day!

Mommom said...

Wow!!! What a cake!! A chocolate lovers dream.

Tori said...

Did she make this before or after she cut the siblings' hair??? :) I love it! Wow, so creative. Has she ever tried painting/drawing?

Brenda said...

Ummm? That's a good question, Tori. I know she had already done SOME of the cutting, but I'm not exactly sure of the chronological order of the events. Remember, I was out for the entire afternoon into the early evening? She actually draws ALL the time, though I really don't see that as her forte. She has tried painting, but we always run out. She goes through craft supplies like a crazy maniac!!!