Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Giving my son some more time.....

I called my son's doctor again this morning (Tuesday) in hopes of actually reaching someone today, and sure enough I reached his nurse on the second ring. I told her how we had been really enjoying how well my son was responding to his Intuniv for the past two weeks, and then I told her what a bad three days he had over the weekend. She thought that maybe there was a correlation between the fact that I had been sick in bed and that Daddy was in charge, and that change affected Grant.
Because this is the first time we've ever tried any medication of any kind to help manage his ADHD, he's always been wired. So to finally see him so calm and cooperative for two weeks, and then to see him behave like he wasn't taking anything, the contrast was stark and disconcerting.
But the consensus is that we are going to stay with the 3 mg. pill and see how he does now that we're back on track with our routine and schooling, and with Mom being back on her feet and part of the family again. Yesterday and today he has been so much better and schooling with him was SO nice. In fact, after we had taken about 30 minutes to sit and watch a math video, work with tiny blocks, and then do a worksheet, I told Grant he could take a 10 minute break or so before we worked on some English.

"No, Mom. I don't want to take a break. I want to get my English done so I can go outside."

WHAT a blessing!!!


Anonymous said...

I am really happy for you and Grant...please keep me posted. I too am seeing a calmer, more pleasant boy in my home...I just hope it helps with innattention with school work...fingers crossed. Jill

Brenda said...

YAY for you and your son too!!! I seem to remember our doctor saying that it wasn't really going to help with inattention issues, but on the contrary, what I have found is that he has an easier, more relaxed time with sitting still at the table for his schooltime, he is being more focused because it is right in front of him. But then, I have worked feverishly to keep as many distractions out of our schooltime and the environment to minimize his distractibility too!! Maybe the two are working hand-in-hand for us?

Amber said...

That is wonderful Brenda!!!!! So glad its helping Grant, he really is a sweet little boy!!!

Amy said...


Tommy said...

I was sitting at the computer nearby when I heard Grant say that. I about fell out of my chair! What a turnaround!