Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super easy and elegant wedding gift

Last weekend, I had both a baby shower to attend, as well as a wedding. The wedding was of a young lady who had been a part of my husband's church youth group many years ago, and she was marrying a young man she used to bring to the Bible studies in our home when these two were like 15 or something. Now they are getting married, and I wanted to take along a gift that was a little more personal than the toaster off her gift registry from Target (not that she was registered there).
So I remembered way back when I first got married and had lots of time to craft things and had been introduced to this craft by another newly married friend. I knew right away that I wanted to revive this for our little bride. Here's what you do:

Framed Wedding Invitation

All you need is the frame you want to use (I used an 8x10" picture frame for an approximately 5x7" invitation), a self-stick mounting board for needlework (again I used the 8x10" size), enough fabric to cover the mounting board (I purchased a 1/2 yard of party taffeta and had some left over in case of a mistake), and some spray adhesive.

I cut the fabric down to size, peeled off the paper and stuck it to the mounting board.
I then turned it over and tried using hot melt glue to nicely fold over and hide the raw edges.

Then I turned it over, sprayed the back of the invitation with the spray adhesive, mounted it on the fabric covered board, and put it in the frame.


Can't be any easier than that.

I love the simplicity of this project and how creative you can get in designing something very personal and unique to each bride.
Next time I'm going to try some of the fancy scrapbooking papers with seasonal and textured themes instead of fabric. I saw some yesterday that are VELVET!!!

The costliest part of this project was the frame itself. But I found it on sale too, so the entire project cost less than $20. I bought my supplies at the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Superstore.

Happy Gifting!!!

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