Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some more updates.....

Back in August, I posted about my war with allergies.
I thought someone who might be following this little problem might be
interested to know how my strategy is working.
Well, let me just say......EUREKA!!

It seems to me that this little theory about getting a jump on allergy season
by getting your medications into your system BEFORE the season starts is the KEY!!
I started my medications (Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray and Generic Zyrtec) on August 1st.
I have been faithfully watching the ragweed pollen counts in our area go from
8 grains psi in August
to over 400 grains psi in September
with only minor discomfort.
Now I must admit that two weekends ago, I did start feeling that prickly, burning itching on my face and in my eyes, and had people mention that I sounded a little congested to them.
That has become my personal red flag that there is an infection beginning that is blocking
the ability of my antihistamines from being able to fully work properly for me.
Fortunately, I had two days worth of antibiotic left over from my last sinus/eye infection/allergy
problem back in February, and I tried taking it to see if it made a difference.
The itching, prickly, burning went away, and I've had no other major
issues since then, even though the pollen counts are still sky high!!!
I did also add an OTC eye allergy drop and it has helped me tremendously.
I hadn't ever seen this particular product before (Wal-Mart brand of Claritin 12-hour eye drops) and so far it works great
and is much cheaper than my prescription eye drops (Pataday).

One last tip: Last year my husband decided to try the "Filtrete" air conditioning filters
that are supposed to be really great at trapping airborne allergens in the air in your house.
I was a little skeptical, but I have actually noticed that that has helped me too. We've tried to be better about changing that out about once a month, and compared to other filters we have tried, this seems to be much better.

How are you faring this allergy season? How have you found that you can best manage your allergies?

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