Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Promise"

I have always been fascinated with and moved by the art of dramatic production. In fact, I minored in it when I was in college. Growing up, I didn't have a lot of opportunities to participate in drama, so when I got to college, I couldn't wait to learn that craft. It is so much fun putting together a performance that has a strong message and that moves the audience.

This past Saturday evening, my husband and I and our two oldest girls had the unique opportunity to attend a performance of "The Promise" in Glen Rose, Texas. It is the story of a grandfather who takes his granddaughter and grandson on a hike in some of the historic areas of Glen Rose and them tells them the story of Jesus Christ. Then the characters and events in the life of Christ are re-enacted around the family as "Grandpa" tells the story.

Can I just tell you that I haven't been as moved by a dramatic production
since my college days?

I have seen many a religious drama in my day and the one word that characterizes
the majority of them would be.......cheesy.

There are many reasons a religious drama can come off as cheesy.......poor acting, poor directing, not enough resources for quality properties and staging, or a script lacking strength and continuity.
Let me assure you that "The Promise" had none of these qualities. It was superbly written, superbly directed, superbly acted, and utilized state-of-the-art technical equipment.

But most impressive to me was the atmosphere. The theatre was an amphitheatre design and it was located way back in the boonies amid rock formations and unsettled country. The entire staff and crew went out of their way to make you feel at home and communicated how grateful they were that you came so far to experience all their hard work. It truly was an unforgettable experience.

A must see when you come visit the great state of Texas!!

My daughter snapped this picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.
My girls got to sit on the very front row because we had a connection and I couldn't believe how close they were (though she said she did zoom in on this picture).

One of the many live animals utilized throughout the performance.

"Jesus loves the little children.....all the children of the world"

The crucifixion scene with Satan laying on the stairs......ever present in every scene.
Very powerful.

Jesus joyfully risen from the dead and his disciples rejoicing.

Here we are almost at the end of the performance. One of Lexi's favorite friends, Emily,
played the granddaughter, Lisa. That's her just to the left of Jesus!!

After the performance, Lexi and Emily.

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