Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Honeymoon is OVER!!!!

I really don't know what is going on other than we must be adjusting to life POST "honeymoon". I just can't get a "good" blood sugar reading from Ashlyn, no matter WHAT I try.
For those of you who aren't familiar with diabetic terms, the "honeymoon" is known as that period of time after initial diagnosis when your pancreas kicks back in a little and erratically produces a little more of its own insulin. Then you have these really low blood sugar readings and have to back off of the synthetic insulin. This could last for weeks or months or even a year or more. It just depends. Nobody knows.
For us, Ashlyn's honeymoon period kicked in several weeks after diagnosis in March. After every meal her blood sugar would drop to 40 and take HOURS to edge back up even with eating or drinking 15 g. of carbs every 15 minutes. It was EXCRUCIATING.

So we backed WAY off on the injected insulin.

Last week our endocrinologist informed us that she is formally OUT of the honeymoon period.
Her looked at her numbers while we were there, and said she was "obviously underdosed" even though her A1C was 7.5%, so he tweaked her ratios from 1:16 at dinner to 1:13 and upped her Lantus at bedtime to 9 units.
Nearly two weeks later, there is not much difference. She is still waking up to numbers over 200, and jumping up by dinnertime to over 300.....consistently. I changed her breakfast and lunch ratios today, and she had a better lunchtime reading but dinner was still over 300. We changed her Lantus a couple days ago to 10 units, but I'm thinking that we're going to have to go up to 11 units here pretty soon.

How far up will she go?? I have no idea. I guess that other children take tons more and in comparison we're still on relatively low amounts of insulin. We met a family with a boy Ashlyn's age who is on 21 units of Lantus, and the endo told us he has teenage boys (as patients) who are on 80 units of Lantus (obviously big, busy guys!!).

Our goal is a blood sugar reading of 80-150, so I guess we'll just keep plugging along here in search of the elusive "good" numbers.

On another note, I'm interested in talking with my Aunt on my mother's side who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a young girl in the early 50's. I'd like to hear how things have changed through the years for her, how she started out reading her blood sugar since they didn't have meters back then, and how she was instructed to manage her blood sugar. I wonder how much insulin she is on now and how this disease has affected her quality of life. That little interview would make for a good blog entry in the near future. Stay TUNED!!!


Amy said...

Post honeymoon numbers stink!! :( You'll eventually find the magic ratios and all will be well! We've had high numbers recently and I think there are a number of different factors involved. I've about had it with the D-monster lately!
It will be interesting to hear about your aunt! My mom's cousin had Type 1 (passed away a few years ago) and I've wondered as well how they did this with success so long ago!
Hang in there- your doing a great job!

Brenda said...

Awww.....thank you Amy!!! I have to be honest, but when I struggle to get things right for the health of my child, I often question my abilities!! It's frustrating and scary at the same time. Thank you for your encouragement!!