Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun and Easy Baby Gift

I love babies!! So of course, I love baby showers. I have always kinda struggled though to find the "perfect" baby gift for that new mommy. It took me a very long time (I think I'm mentally challenged in the area of figuring out the simple things!!!) to figure out that I should just come up with a really simple idea and make a bunch of them ahead of time so I would have a gift on hand every time and not have to run out and find something special.

This idea is not created by me. I first saw this when a friend of mind asked me to help her figure out how to make these on her own from a sample she brought to my house (Thanks, Rhonda!!!). It was really easy to put together, but it was a very long time ago too. So I ran across this project again at my local JoAnn Fabrics Superstore......which have I mentioned that I wish I could just LIVE there!!

So I thought I might share with you this little idea as well as keep a record of this for myself so I don't forget how to do it later on down the line.

Easy Hooded Bath Towel

I started with just a simple bath towel and hand towel. For the first several I make, I'm buying the least expensive I can find as Wal-Mart.

Start by taking the hand towel and folding it in half and pinning along the top selvage.

Stitch along the selvage removing the pins as you go. Then turn inside out and lay the hood out as a triangle.

Pin the long side of the hood to the top selvage of the towel (laid out long ways).

Stitch along the pinning, attaching the hood to the towel.

That's all there is to it!!! Two seams!!! No finishing raw edges. Couldn't be easier.
So for the fun part!!
Our local high school has a vocational program for mentally/physically challenged teenagers
where they teach them all kinds of skills. One of the skills is how to use a fancy embroidery machine. You can take your projects in to the teachers there, go through the catalog and look at the gazillions of pictures they can program into the computer, and then they teach these teenagers how to embroider your designs on your projects for you.
The cost: CHEAP!!

For BOTH the hood and the back on this hooded towel it cost me $7.00.
I couldn't have been more pleased!!!

As you can see, this version of the hooded towel doesn't exactly fit a newborn. I'm going to be experimenting with some different folds and maybe even cutting the towels down and finishing the edges with contrasting bias tape for added color. I'll keep you posted with the new designs!!


Bell said...

Lloyd Dobbler's mom made these for my two oldest years ago and we still have them and use them constantly. She didn't do the embroidery though. She sewed fabricy-ribbon around the edges. But that is a great gift. That'd be good for birthdays for little children too---or give one to every kid in a fam for a Christmas present. Good job!

Louis Davis said...

That new little girl of Kathryn's is already spoiled and not even out of the oven! Great job, Brenda! I miss you guys.

Amber said...

WOW!!! What a GREAT Idea! I am gonna have to try that for gifts and for all my kids!!!!