Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to school!!!

We actually started back to school on September 8th. That was a couple weeks later than I usually start, but let me tell ya.......I was really nervous about this year. I was just overwhelmed with figuring out how to best meet all the needs of my children, and I wasn't sure how it was all going to work. So I gave my self extra time to get my brain wrapped around our new curriculum, and to do some major modifications to our home and schedule. I'm really excited to tell you about that in a later post because I've seen TREMENDOUS improvement with both my ADHD-ers.

But I thought I'd share something fun we did this year to get everyone excited about our first day. We added another student to our "school" this year, and she was just thrilled and delighted to be starting Kindergarten!! So on the night before we began, we had a "BACK-TO-SCHOOL PARTY."

Now, lest you think I put hours and hours of planning into this, let me just put your mind at ease. This was just a tiny soiree in our schoolroom/dining area that involved only our family. But the children got so into it, and we just had fun together. Here are the little details:


Menu: Tuna and cheese sandwiches (because Tuna travel in "schools")
Alphabet Soup

Games: Be the first to spell your name from the letters in your soup, and
scavenger hunt for markers that mommy hid through-out the house.

Decorations: I didn't really go all out with this because of a lack of time, but I did
use our tins of markers, and pencils, and pens as centerpieces.

Dessert: "Schoolhouse" Cake

I did actually have a pattern to make this and it went together so quickly. The children
were so excited about this cake.

It wasn't a big 'ol stressful deal to put this together, but it did a lot to help me have fun
with it and get into a great frame of mind for starting another schoolyear. The children enjoyed
it too......

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