Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Family Recipe

Do you know what it means when these 4 items are out on
my counter?


For those of you who've never tried this (and I can't imagine there being
more than a handful that HAVEN'T actually had this in their lifetime), it is
a taste SENSATION!!

We love this in our is truly a family favorite
and doesn't last long.

Chocolate Eclair Cake

1 large box of INSTANT chocolate pudding (6 serving size)
3c. cold milk
8 oz. container whipped topping, thawed
1 entire box of graham crackers

1 container (16.5 oz) chocolate fudge frosting

Prepare the pudding according to package with the 3 cups of milk. When pudding is set,
fold in whipped topping.
Line the bottom of a 9" by 13" pan with whole graham crackers until
bottom is covered.
Spread these with 1/2 of pudding mixture, and top with another layer of graham crackers.
Spread remaining pudding mixture on top.

Add final layer of graham crackers, covering all the pudding. Gently spread frosting on
top layer of graham crackers. I always end of using an entire box of graham crackers,
and the entire container of frosting.

Must chill for 12-24 hours!! FABULOUS!!!
***You can also try this recipe with other flavors of pudding and frosting.
We loved the lemon pudding/lemon frosting combination just as well!!

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